Westside Property Group has professionals with proven successful track records in acquisition, finance, research, construction, property management, syndication and asset management.

We have two goals in business:

  • Provide robust consistent returns to our investors, whom in turn will re-invest in our selected properties and grow with us.
  • Manage our properties in a manner that provides great value to our tenants for the price.

Buying Criteria

Westside Property Group is currently seeking to acquire multifamily properties. Our purchasing criteria are:

  • Multifamily Residential Apartment Communities
  • Class A or B ( situational ) locations only
  • Cap Rates – various, dependent on cash requirement
  • Market – specializing in California and emerging only
  • Cash Equity – Assumable with cash to existing debt or all cash. WPG will also work with existing owner if OWC is necessary.
  • Utilities – prefer individually metered
robert gomez

Robert Gomez

Director Corporate Strategy

Nicole Heetland

Nicole Heetland

Director Commercial Services

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